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Shoe Shine Machines

Automatic Shoe Shine Machines

The Automatic Shoe Shine Machine keeps your shoes dirt-free and shining. The machine is tuned intelligently to use timers to avoid excess polishing of the shoes.


The machines are elegantly built to suit the formal surroundings like convention halls, educational institutions, corporate offices, and meeting halls.


They polish the upper plane of the shoe and remove sand from the shoe sole. This is automatically carried out by moving the shoe backward and forward above a descending base plate.


Benefits to Customers


  • Enables you to clean and shine shoes effortlessly and quickly.
  • Ideal for diverse types of shoes polishing, as per your distinctive requirement.
  • Utilize excellent quality rotary motors in addition to fibers inside the shoe shiners ensuring perfect spotless polish and shine for any type of shoe.
  • Last longer with almost zero maintenance.
  • Usage of sensor plug makes sure there is no manual assistance needed.
  • Ensures comprehensive cleaning and shoes free of any deposits.
  • Easy to install anywhere, especially public areas such as restaurants, malls, hotels, schools, stadiums, offices, airports and so forth.




Few of the applications are given below.


  • For institutions

    Future leaders begin here!

    A formal shoe that is clean and shining is a basic requirement for any aspiring manager. Let the future leaders develop the habit of wearing shoes that are spotless and shining. Try the easy-to-install, economic automatic shoe shine machines in your institute.

  • Hotels and Convention Halls

    Hosting a convention in your hotel?

    Make sure the participants have a chance to turn out in style. Add a piece of service that is thoughtful and returns tremendous goodwill. The sturdy and compact design is also artistic and enhances the appearance of the stored region.

  • Corporate Offices

    Let your executives stand on shining shoes!

    A formal workplace in ambience and attire is completed by formal footwear. Make sure your executives turn out in formal shining shoes. It pays to be professional and more perfect. Try the Sanitz automatic shoeshine machine, quick, efficient, and effective.



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