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  • 100% Smell Free Toilet - No Compromise in Our Promise

    Sanitz Engineers will inspect the Toilet plumbing areas, cross ventilation & identify the type of solution and ozone requirements.

  • SANITZ Technologies, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India

    A multifaceted corporate entity with interests in the improvement of better hygiene standards by introducing innovative technological products.

  • Room Sterilizer - Ozone : The Sterilizer & Oxidizer

    Sanitz Ozone Sterilizer is a very powerful professional cleaning tool with hundreds of uses.

Aerosol Dispenser

Aerosol Dispenser

Sanitz Aerosol Dispenser is an innovative air freshener that works automatically to keep rooms and offices fresh and fragrant. It leaves a pleasant aromatic scent all day and contains a smart chip programmed to release a small spray of long lasting fragrance in to the room desired time intervals. Best of all, it is easy to manage with choice of different time intervals and the light sensor saves time conveniently refreshening the rooms.



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