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    Sanitz Engineers will inspect the Toilet plumbing areas, cross ventilation & identify the type of solution and ozone requirements.

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    A multifaceted corporate entity with interests in the improvement of better hygiene standards by introducing innovative technological products.

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    Sanitz Ozone Sterilizer is a very powerful professional cleaning tool with hundreds of uses.

Insect Killer & Fly Catcher

Insect killer and Fly catcher

Our electronic high efficiency flying insect killer machines attract the insects and kill them instantly with a mild electric shock. Insect killer and fly catcher machines work on the principle of luring mosquitoes and flies towards the specialized tube lights installed in the system and once the insects touch the high voltage wires surrounding the tube light the instantly get electrocuted.


The electronic fly insect killer machines manufactured and supplied by Sanitz have following benefits:


  • on-poisonous
  • Convenient and swift
  • High efficiency
  • Easy to handle
  • Work instantly hence the insects die immediately.
  • Easy to install and needs low maintenance cost.



Machines are available in different sizes and capacities to suit the needs of our clients. Our range of product includes Insect Killer & Fly Catcher. Large catch tray ensures all insects are collected within the body of the unit. High performance 20 Watts- 2 nos Ultra Violet Tubes for enhanced insect attraction. Effective area of coverage: 300 sq. feet. Single phase, 230 volt, 50/60 Hz. Fitted with capacitor, chokes safety grid, electrified grid, etc.


Available in Powder Coated and Stainless steel body models - Single side open wall mounted and double side open hanging model.


Custom made models are available for your specific requirements.



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