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    Sanitz Engineers will inspect the Toilet plumbing areas, cross ventilation & identify the type of solution and ozone requirements.

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    A multifaceted corporate entity with interests in the improvement of better hygiene standards by introducing innovative technological products.

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    Sanitz Ozone Sterilizer is a very powerful professional cleaning tool with hundreds of uses.

Mobile Toilet

Mobile Toilet

The demand for a higher standard of living is constantly escalating and major leap in efforts and investments in sanitation is needed to reduce open defecation in public places. Portable toilets play a vital role in nation’s hygiene.


Sanitz provides solutions with logistical, economical, and environmental benefits. Portable Toilets don’t need constant maintenance, government permission and occupy lesser real estate. The usage for portable toilets can be grouped into four main categories. Sanitz’s Portable Toilets offers benefits to our customers in each of these areas.


  • Construction with large numbers of workers onsite, every construction project has a need for portable toilet service. Santiz provides portable toilet solutions to general construction, highway construction, road projects, airports, mining, military, energy projects, demolitions, etc.
  • Recreation areas that typically use portable toilets include municipal, state and federal parks, golf courses, schools and universities, beaches and camp grounds, athletic fields, historical sites, picnic areas, zoos, highway rest areas, etc.
  • Special Events customers are businesses, individuals or organizations who host or manage short-term events. They include social gatherings, fairs and festivals, street and parking lot events, sports events, outdoor concerts, graduations, weddings, religious gatherings, political campaigns, funerals, etc.
  • Commercial customers include those retailers, service companies and industrial facilities that have employees and customers who work and shop outside. Some of them are factories, refineries, landfill disposal areas, farms, nurseries, water treatment plants, warehouses, steel mills, utility companies, amusement parks, temples, etc.


Benefits to Customer


  • Increases productivity and decreases labour costs by providing conveniently located toilets, boosts worker morale and protects worker health and environment.
  • Flexible and a low cost way to meet regulations
  • Easy to shift, eliminates on-going maintenance costs.
  • Improves customer satisfaction and keeps them on-site longer, limits vandalism and the recreation manager can purchase service with no capital investment.
  • Promotes goodwill in organized events by taking care of hygiene in sanitation projecting a positive public image.



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